I'm devastated to have to announce that we've decided to cancel our upcoming UK tour. Since having sepsis in 2017 I've been left with a very precarious health situation where my immune system overreacts to viruses and infections often leading to me needing steroids and antibiotics to recover. This leaves me unable to do much more than sleep and eat for weeks or months and with Covid rates rising across the country, coupled with many of our shows being in small venues, it feels unsafe and unwise to be going ahead with live shows at this time. We will still be playing the London show on December 1st as the venue is much bigger and allows for more distancing, and all of our 2022 dates are still going ahead as planned. I've agonised over this decision for weeks and the conclusion I came to was that although I love touring and can't wait to get back to it, the most valuable thing to me is retaining the ability to make records, and by going on tour I could jeopardise even that. 


Many of the shows on the tour were close to selling out, I was gearing up to announce the support bands and a huge part of me wanted to ignore the Jiminy Cricket in my head and just bite the bullet, but as my mum said 'nothing is worth risking your health'.


I'd like to stress that although this tour is being 'cancelled', we WILL be touring Homecoming at some point, for sure. The easiest and cleanest way for us to go about this for promoters and my wonderful agent Rob was to cancel the shows and refund tickets with a view to starting again once the safety of live shows is clearer. We absolutely plan to do this tour in the future and hope you'll come along and join us when that happens. Thank you to everyone involved in organising this tour, the promoters, the support bands, the people who bought tickets, and my agent Rob and the team at FMLY who worked tirelessly to book us a tour under the most ridiculous circumstances.


We will see you all in the future and in the meantime I have the EP, the next record and also a debut album from The Cry's to be working on.


Lots of love